About the CCADA

The Cape Cod Antique Dealers Association, Inc. (CCADA) is a community of antique and fine arts dealers dedicated to bringing to the public an awareness of and an appreciation for antiques. Our aim is to increase and enrich the knowledge of our clientele while offering a wide range of fine quality antiques for sale.

The CCADA is engaged in a wide variety of activities and services that support these two goals of increasing knowledge and making fine antiques available for sale. CCADA’s education efforts include:

  • Awarding two scholarships annually to Cape Cod Community College graduates who are continuing their education in history, fine arts or decorative arts.
  • Holding an annual Spring Antiques Seminar, open to the public, providing education and enrichment on specific topics in the world of antiques.
  • Providing financial support via the CCADA’s Cultural Enrichment Fund to Cape Cod non-profits to promote a better understanding of the Cape’s history and heritage and to help Cape communities enrich and preserve their history.

CCADA services that support the buying public include:

  • CCADA.com, the CCADA’s official website, which includes a calendar listing all the shows and auctions on the Cape, as well as a complete listing of members with contact information.
  • Publishing a directory of all CCADA dealers and businesses.
  • Hosting two of the Cape’s premier antique shows: the one-day Spring Antiques Show and Sale in early June, and the multi-day Cape Cod Antique Show in early August. Many of the organization’s members can be found at other shows and events throughout the region as well.